Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ryan Reynolds, Buried alive you say?

Upon reading an article about an upcoming independent film Buried, the concept of what it claimed to be both surprised and intrigued me. Starring Ryan Reynolds, who in between projects (his next being big budget The Green Lantern)has opted to dabble in the indie, low budget flick. In fact, referring to it as low budget could be percieved as as an overstatement. Buried was filmed with a hand held camera, containing no special effects, with its most ambitious budgetary display in the form of a crane and dolly.

Filmed in Barcelona, the script sees Reyonolds sealed inside a coffin-type box for the 94 minute duration, meaning the script must be air tight (no pun intended) if it has any chance of maintaining my interest for more than a minute. I know what you're thinking too, how can this possibly work? Well, I too ponder, with similar scepticism.

The idea of a sole character confined to a box for the entire narrative really draws me in. The success of Phone Booth proves it can be done. But simply put, I wish to observe how a restricting story and single location can successfully grip and entertain audiences. I wish to know how such a script is constructed and how it transfers to film. It's premise, as a script writer, fascinates me.

The concept, as with similar genre movies like Open Water, have a certain watchability, not for the thrill a minute actions scenes, but for the what the hell are they going to do next?! tension that such films evoke and inevitably drive it.

No doubt the buzz surrounding the picture somewhat pleased Reynolds,  after what can only be described as a hellish 17-day shoot in a box. An intense schedule meant that up to 35 shots a day were frequent, shows the experience was surely a gruelling one unlike his previous Hollywood comfort.

It remains to be seen if Buried will live up to it's promise and whether the story of a sole protagonist trapped in a confined space will achieve something of original genius, rather than immense boredom.

Buried is released October 1st.