Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oscar 2011 Predictions (Part III)

Well here it is. We've reached another, albeit the last, of my Oscar Predictions for 2011. As with most final film instalments, they usually turn out to be a mess (suffice to say I don't acknowledge Back To The Future as a trilogy any more). However, there are always the exceptions; The Bourne Ultimatum, Toy Story 3 and, hopefully, The Dark Knight Rises to name a few, which is how I perceive my third Oscars post. So wipe the sadness from your  eyes, pull yourself together and prepare yourself for the final part...
It's likely that this award will be between two contenders. Christian Bale's performance as hot headed Dicky in The Fighter is getting a lot of praise and it's clear he's put the time and dedication in to transform him into a washed out, older, dishevelled persona of real life boxing trainer Dicky Eklund. However, having witnessed the wonderful chemistry in The King's Speech, it would be a somewhat safe bet to assume that Geoffrey Rush will emerge as the winner. His performance is definitely a strong one, so wouldn't be the biggest surprise, especially should his aforementioned film win in other categories such as Best Picutre and Best Actor.

MY WINNER : Geoffrey Rush (The King's Speech)
PROBABLE WINNER : Geoffrey Rush (The King's Speech)
Whist Helena Bonham Carter was great as soon-to-be Queen Elizabeth, and even though Melissa Leo has received strong critical appraisal for her role in The Fighter, it is new comer Hailee Steinfeld that absolutely merits this award. For a 14-year-old d├ębutant sharing screen time with the likes of Bridges, Damon and Brolin as well as working with the legendary Coen Brothers is big enough, but to deliver such a sure and assertive performance is nothing short of amazing. Even eclipsing Bridges at times (which I assure you is no easy thing to achieve), Steinfeld is certainly the most deserving of recipients.

MY WINNER : Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)
PROBABLE WINNER : Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) / Melissa Leo (The Fighter)
It's regarded as a crime to cinema that Brit cinematographer Roger Deakins has been cruelly overlooked in this category for the past 15 years, having been nominated a whopping 9 times. Considered one of the best in his field, his outstanding vision for beauty is most certainly one to behold. Having never won an Oscar, it's surely his year for the wonderful efforts on the Coen Brother's western; True Grit. There's also a chance the award will go to Danny Cohen for multi-award favourite; The King's Speech, or even Matthew Libatique for Black Swan.

MY WINNER : Roger Deakins (True Grit)
PROBABLE WINNER : Roger Deakins (True Grit) / Mathew Libatique (Black Swan)
Nothing even comes close to Toy Story 3, which concludes a trilogy as close to perfection as you are likely to see. It should be a genuine contender for Best Picture and completes a hat trick of consecutive, top quality Pixar releases (WALL-E and Up) that literally knock the socks off audiences and critics alike. Need I say more?

MY WINNER : Toy Story 3