Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Lion King Is Back!

Yes it's true. I'm sure you are as excited as I am when I stumbled upon the preview trailer on the, ahem, Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray/DVD pack we watched earlier this month (I say 'we' as I include my girlfriend; the recipient of said gift). Not only had I been seeking to obtain a copy of Disney's 32nd film for the past few years, but was overjoyed when I found out that a Diamond Edition will be released on Blu-ray as well as DVD in 'Fall 2011', which apparently means around September time.

A long term fan of the Lion King, ever since Disney peaked during their 90's renaissance period, I witnessed the brilliant stage show in London last year, which merely reignited my desire for the animated epic once more. Certainly there is a bit of a wait in store, but come September, armed with my soon to be purchased Blu-ray player, I will once again be singing along to Hakuna Matata in crystal clear glory, hurrah!

Sources : YouTube
Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray/DVD