Thursday, 13 January 2011

Daniel Craig will return in... Bond 23

After much speculation over the past year as to whether MGM will produce another James Bond movie to add to one of the most successful franchise in cinema history, it has finally been confirmed that the 23rd Bond outing, currently untitled, will hit screens 9th November of next year, with Bond 23 being part of the 50th Anniversary since Dr. No, way back in 1962. What's more, recently-out-of-crisis MGM have scored another triumph, that two-time Bond, Daniel Craig, will be returning.

Amidst speculation that Craig was prepared to jump ship from his five film deal, due to the uncertainty of the production company's future, one can breathe a huge sigh of relief as you sit back and sip your Martinis. The brutal, beef-cake and down right rugged Bond will return to at least see out three fifths of his contractual agreement, penned in 2005. Phew.

Not only that, but Craig will now pair up with American Beauty director Sam Mendez, which could make for a rather interesting third instalment of the rebooted franchise. Boasting an impressive catalogue of achievements such as the brilliant Road to Perdition, where, incidentally, he first worked with Craig (albeit it briefly) and darlky comedic anti-war flick Jarhead, Mendez could give the franchise a revitalised boost after it's recent dip.

For me, Casino Royale was frankly, immense. From its well written script, right down to the intro song, it all fitted and worked to great effect, creating a cool and suave Bond for the 21st Century. It reinvented 007, his persona and the world that surrounded him. The gritty realism and its no nonsense narrative made the whole thing feel more kosher (unlike the conclusion of Brosnan's reign, where he would be 360 degree flipping speed boats at 60mph). The characters, strongly performed by Craig and support Eva Green, gave a fresh credibility to the laborious Bonds of the Noughties.

2008's Quantum of Solace, in my eyes, was poor. A massive let down, especially in comparison to Casino Royale. It lacked the charm and integrity of its predecessor, thus setting alarm bells off in my head that we were returning to the over-the-top, cheesy Bond of old. It disappointed on pretty much every level, especially as expectations were so high after Craig's debut. Shoddy editing, pointless explosions and a general lack of intelligence and pace, implied that the script was rushed and poorly executed. Thank God I've got that out of my system...

In truth, there's not a lot of details to speak of at the moment in regards to Bond girls, villains and plot. Even the attachment of Mendez was speculative until recently, but, should he fulfil his commitment, could provide a fresh approach and, hopefully, get Bond back on par with the superb quality of Casino Royale.

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