Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trailer Talk: Prometheus

Last night saw Ridley Scott (director) and Damon Lindelof (writer) discuss the film (set for release in the UK on June 1st), as well as answer some fan questions in a brief Q&A session. Both were in good spirits, as Scott was careful not to reveal much plot detail in order to avoid spoilers, but did promise something to equal the famous 'bursting out of the stomach' scene in Alien.

Without a doubt this is my most anticipated film of 2012, knocking The Dark Knight Rises into oblivion (or as I like to call it: into my second most anticipated film of the year slot).

With Scott behind the camera, a breathtaking ensemble, and the promise of a modern Alien with all the style, substance, atmosphere and terror; Prometheus is set to be something very special indeed.

Here is the brand new trailer released on March 17th. Enjoy!