Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Event: The Littlest Picture Show to host #MTOS this Sunday

So, The Littlest Picture Show has been invited to host the wonderful Movie Talk On Sunday (#MTOS) on Twitter (you may have heard of it?) to discuss the topic of TRILOGIES. 

If you're new to this craze, then below are a few paragraphs from co-founder @Raghav about what #MTOS is and how it works:

"It really is simple. There are 10 questions. We will throw out 1 question relating to the week's topic every 10 minutes starting at 20:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) every Sunday evening. All the questions and subsequent answers/discussions, by you, should simply be followed by #MTOS. In your Twitter "search" you can type in #MTOS and follow what everyone is saying and henceforth answer back and take part. If you "like" someone's answer simply Re-Tweet it like you would normally on Twitter."

"#MTOS is all about you. We will try and make the questions open ended with multiple answers. Let the discussions go off in a tangent if you find someone who agrees/disagrees with what you think. Just remember to #MTOS everything so someone neither one of you follow can also join in."

Below are the (amazing, I'm sure you'll agree) questions I devised in my brain, so check them out:
  1.  Name your favourite trilogy! #MTOS
  2.  What aspects make a great trilogy? Is it the character/s? Setting? Concept? SFX? #MTOS
  3. Which director would you say is best suited to making a trilogy and why? #MTOS
  4. Which trilogy would you remake and why? #MTOS
  5. With some memorable ones out there, who is your favourite trilogy character of all time and why? #MTOS
  6. Which trilogy should NEVER have been made in the first place? #MTOS
  7. What individual film (or one with a sequel) would you like to see made into a trilogy? #MTOS
  8. Do the first 3 films in a franchise constitute as a trilogy, or does a 4th, 5th, render it invalid? Discuss.. #MTOS
  9. With news of JURASSIC PARK 4 on the way, which franchises should never have gone/go further than number 3? #MTOS
  10.  To finish off, what are your top 3 trilogies of all time? Rank them! #MTOS

Here is a comprehensive list of trilogies: 

And here are films series with 4 instalments: 

See you all Sunday 12th February at 8pm sharp, or else!